Reverence Then Forlorn

love-couple-hd-wallpapers-1080pWish I could’ve judged the time,
Wish I shouldn’t have done that crime.
If I could thought twice,
It could had been nice.
Thousands times!! It flashes;
I’m in guilt, I’m in ashes.
I took you wrong, my heart screamed,
And I burst into tears.
It had fallen years after years…
Because of that mistake,
Where then friendship was in stake.

But you behaved as nothing happened;
Life goes on.
After dusk,comes dawn.
I was a child then,
Walking selfishly on the lane.
I’m seen to be grown up,
Still my heart weeps for those stuffs
When I’m alone.

Your weird faces, your jokes, your humour;
Are the gifts for a friend.
Joyfulness is your trend,
Summing up won’t be fair;

And to you I will stare.
The way of forgiveness
Without which everything could have been a mess.
Maturity which I’d learnt from you
Will always keep best towards you.

-By Sunny Sen



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