The Moon shining behind the

Dry tree,

Is the sign of the night, that’s

Not free,

Of  terrors and fears and some

Dangerous activity.

People shivers! When comes night,

Tension and fear blurs their sight

And enters their heart and haunts their might.

A story of a sapien, a Homosapien

Who was in fright, anxiety and in Tension.

His car broke down ahead of fluffy fog,

Which darken the forest of logs.

Quite some metres away, a Villa was seen.

Anxiety saw hope, introspected: “Is there’s anyone in?”

 Dragged his car, straight towards The house.

Parked the car, blocked the tyres With bricks.

He knocked and waited for assistance from the house.

A shrill voice came, asking for the Identity as if he was a man of tricks.

The wooden door, opened by itself, Guess! It was a miracle or magic,

The man shaked his legs and lips alike a shivered Mimic.

Might be the Owner,

Might be a servant.

Showed him the guest room and

Called for dinner.

After couple of hours of changing and

Freshening he came down with Fear and in Hunger.

The man served him a bowl

He gasped, thought might contain Bloodstained flesh,

Of previous visitor, came for seeking Help, mudered body was in mesh.

After a mild dinner, he went to the guest room

For a short nap.

Inside the bathroom,

The tip-tap sound of water from tap Made him sit by his lap.

He went to the privry

And closed the tap.

And again went for the nap.

He was tired. He felt sleepy.

Whenever he started to dream,

The Man kept him awake

And he dreamt, The Man choking

His neck, Oh my God! His life was in stake.

The dream appreared as a loop

Infront of his sight.

And made the pitiful noob

Sleep, couple of hours after midnight.

After the frightful night with terrible dreams.

Came The Sun, brightening his Thoughts from the Earth realms.

He went out to scour the day,

Saw The Man! Overhauling his van!

He was shocked, His eyes lay

With tears of guilt, for all negative  He thought; he can.

Gulping in the breakfast, he packed for his journey.

Funding The Man with respect, that He lacked.

And left for sojourney. 

The Creepy Villa will always remain Haunted.

The Man: Owner or Servant?

Mystery remains demanded.

:-Sunny Sen



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