Reverence Then Forlorn

Wish I could've judged the time, Wish I shouldn't have done that crime. If I could thought twice, It could had been nice. Thousands times!! It flashes; I'm in guilt, I'm in ashes. I took you wrong, my heart screamed, And I burst into tears. It had fallen years after years… Because of that mistake,… Continue reading Reverence Then Forlorn


Stay Blessed, Let it Be a Happy One!

Every year it comes & goes. You're Special, The Day knows. Wish You a Happy one, You become older, Regrets are none. Fete; Frolic; Gaiety; Jovial, You should be. It's Your Natal Day! It reminds of your better choices And incidents of soul denial. You'd grown rolling the dices. Let Past devour the sins happened,… Continue reading Stay Blessed, Let it Be a Happy One!