Reverence Then Forlorn

love-couple-hd-wallpapers-1080pWish I could’ve judged the time,
Wish I shouldn’t have done that crime.
If I could thought twice,
It could had been nice.
Thousands times!! It flashes;
I’m in guilt, I’m in ashes.
I took you wrong, my heart screamed,
And I burst into tears.
It had fallen years after years…
Because of that mistake,
Where then friendship was in stake.

But you behaved as nothing happened;
Life goes on.
After dusk,comes dawn.
I was a child then,
Walking selfishly on the lane.
I’m seen to be grown up,
Still my heart weeps for those stuffs
When I’m alone.

Your weird faces, your jokes, your humour;
Are the gifts for a friend.
Joyfulness is your trend,
Summing up won’t be fair;

And to you I will stare.
The way of forgiveness
Without which everything could have been a mess.
Maturity which I’d learnt from you
Will always keep best towards you.

-By Sunny Sen





The Moon shining behind the

Dry tree,

Is the sign of the night, that’s

Not free,

Of  terrors and fears and some

Dangerous activity.

People shivers! When comes night,

Tension and fear blurs their sight

And enters their heart and haunts their might.

A story of a sapien, a Homosapien

Who was in fright, anxiety and in Tension.

His car broke down ahead of fluffy fog,

Which darken the forest of logs.

Quite some metres away, a Villa was seen.

Anxiety saw hope, introspected: “Is there’s anyone in?”

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Love For You

Image__6874-2017-01-14Love is incomplete without you and your love.

Oh God! Help me to sacrifice before my love.

Victory is sure,have patience and continue to love.

Eventough present doesn’t, Time will make you love.

Roses looks ugly without thorns and

Lotus looks awful when planted in sand.

Alike, my life looks unworthy without thou smile,

And when I see your eyes drooling tears like River Nile.

Everything is possible to bring a smile on your Visage

Give me love and end this maze.

Uncomfotable are my dreams

Irritable remains my works.

For many days, silence haunted my soul, hiding IT in my heart

No more waiting, since Time will flow like dirt.

“Closeness is not created, it just happens.” Yeah that’s true I know,

Trust me once, Give me a chance, Come close and let me show

How much beautiful you are to be loved.

:-Sunny Sen